» Free Public Wi-Fi in Chelsea Neighborhood



Today, Google and Mayor Bloomberg announced free public Wi-Fi in Chelsea. This will be the first neighborhood in the city that has totally free outdoor wi-fi, which is great for the New Yorkers who live, work, or go to school in Chelsea, including more than 2,000 NYCHA residents at the Fulton Houses. The network will run between Gansevoot St and 19th Street from 8th Ave to the West Side Highway and in public spaces including the High Line Park, 14th Street Park, Gansevoort Plaza and the Chelsea Triangle.

The administration has been working toward internet connectivity for all New Yorkers and bringing free wi-fi to more public places.  

Watch the video of the announcement at http://on.nyc.gov/Va75Nl

I wonder where the money is coming from to create such a service?

» Bloomberg Strikes Again: NYC Bans Food Donations To The Homeless



Bloomberg’s food police have struck again!

Outlawed are food donations to homeless shelters because the city can’t assess their salt, fat and fiber content, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

and they try to say people on the RIGHT hate homeless people!

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» In other news that sounds made up but is actually true: BLOOMBERG BANS FOOD DONATIONS TO HOMELESS.

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“But humans won’t help others unless the government forces them to”
Meanwhile, a government employee shuts down a restaurant offering food to people in need during the storm.

And this is under Bloomberg, who’s not letting anyone in or out of NYC unless they’re in carpools of 3 or more, and encouraging people to pick up strangers. HD
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I refuse to live in New York City until Nanny Bloomberg is gone.


Fact: every photo looks cool with a taxi in the background.  HD
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More Specific Drink Regulations
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg stirred controversy recently when he announced intentions to place a city-wide ban on large sugared drinks. We decided to come up with some other—and hopefully more helpful—ways we can control how people consume their beverages.  HD
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Nanny Mayor Bloomberg says It’s the Government’s “Role” to Improve Your Health 

During an interview on CBS’ “This Morning,” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended his proposed ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces by arguing that it’s the role of government to “improve the health and longevity of its citizens.”

“[I]f government‘s purpose isn’t to improve the health and longevity of its citizens, I don’t know what its purpose is,” the mayor said.
The proposed ban has been met with sharp criticism from pundits and businesses. Many feel that his health initiatives are overreaching and some have even dubbed Mayor Bloomberg “The Nanny.”“We’re not here to tell anybody what to do. But we certainly have an obligation to tell them what’s the best science and best medicine says is in their interest,” Bloomberg said this morning on CBS.
“If you want to smoke, I think it’s pretty ridiculous, you shouldn’t. But I don’t think we should take away your right to smoke,” he added.
(Related: Cola Wars: Full-Page Ads in The New York Times Challenge & Mock Bloomberg’s Sugary Drink Ban)
The mayor went on to praise companies including Pepsi and Coca-Cola for understanding the necessity of informing people of the nutritional value of their products.
“Coke and Pepsi sell a lot of full sugar drinks, but they’re also focusing on smaller cans, Coke in particular. They’ve put calories on the front to try to tell you,” Bloomberg said.
It’s probably worth noting that Coca-Cola is one of the many companies publicly opposed the sugary drinks ban.
“Anything is OK in moderation,” Bloomberg said. “Maybe not smoking. But, a full-sugar drink, nothing wrong with it. It’s when you drink so much. And it’s not the only thing.
“We have gone to a society where everything is fast food, everything is high calories. The average person today is much heavier than they were. Airlines have a problem: Their customers can’t fit in the seats anymore.”
Bloomberg concluded: “Obesity is becoming the single biggest health problem in America and will kill more people than smoking in a few years.”
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Shapeways Teaching 3D Printing to the General Assembly

Ok, maybe not the United Nations but General Assembly, one of the coolest Campus and co-working space in New York City.  HD
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Why Prohibition Is Just Plain Stupid: Bloomberg Front and Center


As by now many of you have probably heard, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has set out to ban soda (or “pop” as we Buffalonians like to call it) from appearing at food service establishments in his fair city in containers larger than 16 ounces. Now aside from the fact that this is just plain silly, there are a number of reasons why this latest ban in the long string of stupid bans that Bloomberg has enacted is a prime example of government hurting more than it is capable of helping.

This delusional and power-hungry executive of the Big Apple has recently banned not only the big bad soda, but has also put the kibosh on cigarettes, transfats, and even feeding the homeless. Even for the most stalwart proponents of government knowing better than the rest of us mere mortals, this is starting to look kind of bad. While my first thought is Mr. Mayor needs to double the salaries on his PR team, this act of his has ended up taking my thoughts in two directions. First, it’s a prime example of the extent to which government has seeped into absolutely every nook and cranny of american society. Not only does the government tell us when it’s acceptable to cross the street, or check under our testicles for WMD’s and make us dance in the nude with our butcheeks spread wide when they accidentally forget to process our payments on parking tickets - but they now feel the need to limit our ability to buy treats in bulk.

The other thought that I had was in regards to this specific regulation. It is another absolutely textbook example of government action acting on one small facet of a situation while completely failing to see the myriad of unseen consequences for their actions (Much like carpet bombing countries that hate us in an effort to get them to stop hating us). Excuse me while I list the eighteen thousand things that make this stupid which occurred to me while reading about this new gem: God forbid we purchase two liters of soda at once for half the price - we need to buy smaller, less eco-friendly, more expensive containers of soda on a more frequent basis. What if you’re buying for more than just you? Does no one in NYC have roommates? A family? An event for which they must purchase refreshments? Perhaps Bloomberg is attempting to spur the city’s economy by forcing people to purchase soda more often, tempting them into other impulse buys during their several visits to the vendor, rather than buying a large container and consuming it little-by-little all week?

The apologists for this act claim the health benefits. That’s just plain crap. I, for instance, hardly ever drink soda. But occasionally I do. And large containers of it are quite economical. As in my earlier example, I sometimes share this soda with friends. It would be silly to buy several small containers, so I buy a large one. I’m by no means obese, or having my health threatened by consuming a soda now and then. Just as an obese individual isn’t going to help out their health by eating a carrot once a week, I’m not going to do any damage to mine by having a soda. In fact, I ran the Buffalo marathon on Sunday. And I spent this morning admiring the snazzy lines on my stomach. Just because I work hard to keep up my six pack, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be allowed to pick up a two liter now and then. If that’s the case, then perhaps you should be making it illegal not to run the marathon, rather than prohibiting sugar in large quantities. Why not jumping straight to outlawing the cupcake stores? Ace of Cakes should probably be taken off the air in NYC while you’re at it. Ice cream stands? Not in my city. Unemployment rate rising? Tough noogies. There’ll be no Burger King while there’s a King Bloomberg.

My point, which I’d almost forgotten, is that people are going to make their own decisions. You can’t just slap a law on everything and corral human beings into one tiny path of behavior. Not only are people still going to eat what they please and live how they please despite your pesky rules and regulations, it’s just plain wrong to try and legislate morality to the point where you’re dictating which beverages people should have. People aren’t perfect. They’re going to abuse soda and occasionally someone is going to be worse off because of it. But to directly injure the businesses and their employees selling things people want, and in the process deny something the other 95% of people who treat the item responsibly simply because of that is reckless and stupid. You, Mayor Bloomberg, are reckless and stupid. To see someone so successful act with such little common sense is vastly more disappointing than anything I could imagine occurring with a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew.


Chelsea penthouse rooftop patio. Chelsea Atelier Architect. HD
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NYC phone booths to get second lives as slate stalls
 The city is preparing to update this urban staple by replacing the touch tone quarter eaters with 32-inch touchscreens. The giant slates will offer a quick connection to 311 for requesting info and filing complaints, as well as interactive guides to the neighborhood. Instead of being a place to prank call 1-800 numbers, the phone booth will now become your one stop shop for restaurant suggestions and local landmark locations. 250 of the devices are being provided free of charge by City24x7 for a pilot program and, if all goes well, the company and the city will split revenue generate from ad sales following an expanded roll out. HD
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Weekly Artworks⎢Micah NYC

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