Bachelor’s Vegetable Store


I’m watching Bachelor’s Vegetable Store for the first time over at Drama Fever.

The first episode has me in tears, and I usually could care less for some kids.

I think I’m hooked >.>


I ♥ Bachelor’s Vegetable Store
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Hot bachelors >.<
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I never in dramaland ship a couple who were non-canon not even in American shows

but this happening for the first time and it fucking hurts.

Emperor and Nyang have so much chemistry!  I love everything about their relationship.

anyway I only pray for her to love him I mean she can love them both and I kinda like the king also then for me it would be okay;

My ship doe


Is Tahwan seriously the second lead in Empress Ki???

I rarely go for the second lead but it is the second drama where I prefer the second lead with our female hero (the first one is Bad Love)


I never wanted someone this badly. Tahwan >_

I want my own Tahwan HD
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